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What good is a green cleaning product if the way you manufacture it is harmful to the environment? In manufacturing, what is left behind after a product is produced is called its footprint. Car manufacturers leave behind mineral quarries stripped of iron ore down to the earth’s bone. Makers of plastic need petroleum, which means mile after mile of oil fields pumping crude oil out of the ground. For many people, just the word “manufacturing” conjures up images of smoke stacks spewing pollution into the air. That is their footprint.

But at Planet Guard, our focus goes beyond simply green cleaning to green manufacturing. Every process used to create Planet Guard products has a minimal impact on the surrounding air, water and land. Even our product containers are made from recycled materials and are designed to be recycled again after use. By setting higher levels of green manufacturing standards, we feel we can make an even bigger contribution to our environment. Planet Guard products are manufactured and designed to clean with minimal environmental impact on the earth we all share.

Green is changing...
Planet Guard is dedicated to developing products now that will stand up to stricter green cleaning requirements down the road. Today, the green cleaning standards already in place are being closely scrutinized; it is likely that newer, tighter requirements will soon be in place. Products that are currently classified as “environmentally friendly” and self-proclaimed as “green” may have to adjust their current formulations just to keep up with new regulations. But Planet Guard products don’t just meet today’s requirements, they are designed to meet and exceed tomorrow’s as well. That is why, for example, our carpet care products are Green Seal certified, Environmental Choice certified, Envirodesic certified and even carry The Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval.

Being Green does not mean you have to give up performance...
The products that Planet Guard brings to market are safe, but have no doubt that they are also effective. In fact, if you didn’t know these were green products, you would still purchase and use them because of their outstanding cleaning performance. Most of the products you use today contain fillers which offer no cleaning ability and are simply used to bulk up the product. Even in concentrated products, fillers can make up 50% to 90% of the formulation. That’s because the active ingredients in non-green cleaners are so powerful that manufacturers can use less (and save money), then add cheap fillers to bulk up the product. But green cleaning products need more of their safer active ingredients to help them clean as well as non-green cleaners with their more caustic formulations. More active product means less filler. The result is environmentally healthier products that clean just as well, if not better, than their non-green competition.

Green Cleaning is Safer and Healthier
Cleaning with Planet Guard products is healthier for the environment, safer for your staff and easier on your equipment. High levels of caustic materials used in non-green cleaning formulations can age the equipment you use, clogging jets and ruining seals prematurely. But Planet Guard products are made with the safety of the end-user—and your equipment—in mind. 

Going Beyond Green Cleaning...

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