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Q: Is All Seasons Carpet Cleaning Licensed and Insured?

All Seasons is Idaho licensed and insured to protect our clients and our company. All services are done by us and there is no subcontracting.

Q: Is All Seasons Carpet Cleaning Local?

All Seasons is a local Idaho family owned and operated company. Husband and wife ran. All services are done by us. You don’t have to worry about non trained or untrustworthy people ruining some of your biggest investments. We are certified and trained. About 85% of our work comes from referrals from our clients who trust and rely on our services. When you support local companies that money goes back into the local economy, unlike franchises that have to pay a percentage of their business to out of state companies.

Q: Is There Anything I Need To Do Before My Cleaning?

1.Prepare your carpet to be cleaned make sure to remove furnishings, breakables, clothes, toys and         

   anything off the areas you want cleaned. You will not need to worry about vacuuming, we always          

   pre-vacuum with our HEPA filtered vacuum.

  1. 2.Please pinup of lift any curtains or bed shames touching the areas where we will clean.

  2. 3.Tell us your every concern. Point out spots and tell us what they are. 

  3. 4.Please keep any animals in a safe room as we clean because sometimes they can become

    very scared as we clean.

  1. 5.Never be too shy to let us know if you discover anything more we can do, please

    let us know or call us!

Q: What Are your Dry Times And Cleaning Expectation?

There are so many factors that go into dry times. Soil load,temperature,humidity,carpet style and the list goes on and on. The dry time on a hot dry day is faster than a cold rainy humid day. So we give a realistic estaminets to all of our clients and we also give tips on how to get your carpets, furniture, tile and hardwood floors dried the fastest.

  1. 1.Keep the temperature above 72 degrees, but comfortable for you. The hotter the better and If it’s hot, humid or rainy, turn your ac on and get the moister out.

  2. 2.Get air flowing. Use fans, air exchange, windows, etc. to circulate air.

  3. 3.Open the blinds and let the sun in. The suns heat helps dry and heat the home.

Q: What If I Need To Reschedule or Cancel My Appointment?

All Seasons requires at least 48 hours notice for the cancellation and or rescheduling of any scheduled appointment. In the event of rescheduling with less than 48 hours notice, a fee of $50 will be assessed for rescheduling and if you cancel less than 48 hours a $99 fee will be assessed. When a service is canceled less than 48 hours in advance, this limits and many times prevents our ability to book the already scheduled appointment with another client. We also don’t over schedule because over scheduling doesn’t allow us to provide the highest service and cleaning to our clients.

Q: Do I have to wait all day for my appointment?

No. We know your time is valuable so we have a hour appointment window. If need we will also call you within that hour window to let you know we are on the way.

Q: Do you clean according to manufacture recommendation?

All Seasons cleans according to the manufactures recommendation of hot water extraction. Also know as steam cleaning. We use the best environmentally safe cleaning products and machines. We do this because it allows us provide the best cleaning possible without harming your family and animals. It will also provide a healthier indoor air quality for you and your family.

Q: How Do I Maintain My Manufacture Warranty?

Every manufacture has a required maintenance to keep your warranty. They require you to vacuum regularly, clean spills up asap and to get recommend professional cleanings based on how many occupants live in the home. You are required to follow this recommendation or your warranty is voided.

Q: Whats Better Hot Water Extraction, Bonnet or Encapsulation?

All these cleaning methods are used to clean carpet and furniture but only one of them is recommended by carpet manufactures. Hot water extraction aka steam cleaning! Its like cleaning you clothes with soap and then rising them in water. Bonnet cleaning and encapsulation cleaning is cleaning your clothes with soap but not rising the soap out. You may have longer dry times with hot water extraction but you get a more thorough cleaning.

Q: How are some cleaners prices so cheap?

We all know you can find cheaper carpet cleaners out there but as you know “you get what you pay for”. They use cheaper products, machines, tools and skip steps for a proper cleaning. You will also find a lot of cleaners don’t pre vacuum because it take to much time but vacuuming is on of the most important step in the cleaning process, Your carpets are on of you biggest investments you will make in your life time. So don’t trust just anyone to clean them. When something seems to good to be true it is. A real company has to pay for insurance, products and overhead. Don’t fall for the “bait and switch”. Call some one you can trust!

We appreciate you looking at our website and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call. We would love to talk to you. Have a great day and thanks for your time.  Phone: 208-936-8197

Matthew Mitchell

Owner & Operator

All Seasons Carpet Cleaning